What Is Laser Vein and Lesion Treatment?

  • Non-surgical / No Scarring
  • Minimal downtime
  • Permanent
No. of sessions: 1
Treatment time: 30-60 Minutes
Recovery time: Immediate
Slight swelling is possible
Results duration: 12-18 Months

What Is Laser Vein and Lesion Treatment?

Little blood vessels called spider veins, which are typically present on the face or legs, are visible through the skin. Age and genetics are just two of the causes of these veins. They are challenging to hide because they might be red, purple, or blue in colour. They could deteriorate with time and become more obvious if left untreated. So it’s critical to get assistance as soon as you can. In order to lessen the appearance of these blood vessels on the face and body, Revive Medspa offers non-invasive laser vein and lesion therapy. We will create a customised treatment plan based on your needs and goals during your private appointment.


Step 1

Step 1Consultation

Your health and well being are of paramount importance to Aesthetics Lab. During your cheek fillers consultation, we discuss your medical history to rule out any contraindications. Your assigned cosmetic doctor will then indicate the precise quantity of filler required for your cheek enhancement. This appointment is a great opportunity for you to ask us any questions. We will always answer with integrity.

  • Talk through the treatment, step-by-step
  • Share concerns with a qualified doctor
  • Design a tailored treatment plan
Step 2

Step 2During Your Treatment

Prior to the procedure, you will be shown into a calm, contemporary treatment room. Your personally-assigned cosmetic doctor will then carefully administer the prescribed dermal fillers via injection into pre-selected areas on and around the cheeks. This is followed by a cheek massage to ensure natural contouring.

  • Tranquil treatment rooms
  • Quick procedure, lasting up to 1 hour
  • Tailored filler quantity administered
Step 3

Step 3After the Treatment

Following your cheek enhancement procedure, the treated area may be tender and sore. Any swelling should reduce within a few days. This is completely normal, and nothing to worry about. Avoid touching your cheeks, wearing makeup or partaking in physical exercise in the days following your treatment. This will greatly reduce the risk of infection.

  • Minimal recovery time of 1-3 days
  • See results immediately
  • Enjoy renewed plump, full cheeks

Laser Vein and Lesion Treatment FAQ

How much would laser vein and lesion therapy cost me?

Your laser vein and lesion treatment’s price will be established depending on a variety of variables, including the size and quantity of veins that will be treated and the number of sessions necessary to produce the desired outcomes. Our experts will evaluate your unique needs and goals during your appointment and give you a personalised treatment plan along with an idea of the fees involved. At Revive Medspa, we accept a variety of payment methods and frequently run specials and discounts on procedures including laser vein and lesion therapy.

Should I go for sclerotherapy or laser vein and lesion treatment?

Depending on your specific needs and concerns, laser vein and lesion treatment can be utilised to target veins of different sorts and sizes. Sclerotherapy may be a superior option for some types of spider veins as well as for larger veins like varicose veins, despite the fact that laser therapy is often beneficial for spider veins. Our staff will assess your condition during your consultation and work with you to choose the most appropriate course of action in light of your unique requirements and objectives.

Will the vein that was treated fully vanish?

During laser vein therapy, the targeted spider vein is heated and removed using a focused beam of light. The laser is extremely accurate and only affects the chosen vein, causing no harm to the nearby tissue. It can take a few weeks for your body to reabsorb the vein after it collapses and for it to entirely vanish.

Where on the body can laser treatment be used to treat veins and lesions?

Visible veins on many parts of the body, such as the face, legs, lower legs, and ankles, can be treated using laser vein and lesion therapy. At Revive Medspa, we employ cutting-edge laser technology that enables accurate targeting of the troubled veins while minimising harm to the surrounding skin and tissue.

Is the laser treatment for veins and lesions painful?

We take precautions, such as using a numbing cream prior to the surgery, to ensure your comfort throughout laser vein and lesion therapy. Most patients say that as the laser hits the veins, they experience a faint tingling or popping sensation. Also, the laser equipment we employ has an integrated cooling mechanism to lessen discomfort and prevent overheating.